Dharma Protectors

Establishment Anniversary of the Buddhist Youth Club at Dong Cao Pagoda.
In the afternoon of May 31st, 2020 (intercalary month of April 09th, LC), the Buddhist Youth Club...
One-Year Memory Greeting Establishment of The Buddhist’s Youth Club at Dong Cao Pagada
The Buddhist Youth Club of Dong Cao pagoda at Nga Son commune, Nga Yen district, Thanh Hoa...
The 6th Birthday of Dharmapala Group
After busy time for the 87th Seven-Day Retreat and Amitabha Buddha Day, in the afternoon of Jan 07,...
Dhammapala Regular Meeting
On Sun 26, 11, 2017 (Oct 09, lunar calendar), Hoang Phap Dhammapala group held regular meeting.
Hoang Phap Dharmapala Regular Meeting
On Sunday, Nov 12, 2017 (Sep 24, lunar calendar), Hoang Phap Pagoda held regular meeting for...
Dhammapada Team Meeting
On Sunday, Jul 23, 2017 (Jun 01, lunar calendar) Hoang Phap Dhammapada Team has its regular meeting.
The 5th Birthday of Dharmapala Team
In the afternoon of Dec18, 2016 (Nov 20, lunar calendar) the administration of Dharmapala Guardian...
Dharma Protection Group’ extracurricular entertaiment activities
On Sunday of November 27th, 2016 (Lunar October 28th, Monkey year), many members of Dharma...
Drama Guardians Pick Nature Gifts in Initial Year.
Sunday, February 21st, 2016 (Lunar January 14th Monkey year), More than 200 members of The Dharma...
The Dhrama Protecting Group Competing Cooking Vegetarian Foods.
In order to help the members in The Dharma Protecting group to understand the Buddha’s philosophy...
Dharma Guardian Group Having Exciting Extracurricular Activity
On Jan 17th, 2016 (Dec 8th Goat Year), young members of Guardian group gathered at Hoang Phap...
Fourth Birthday of Dharma Guardian Group
On the evening of 3rd Jan, 2016 (24th Nov. of lunar year of the Goat) the management board of the...