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Dharma Protection Group’ extracurricular entertaiment activities

Update: 28/11/2016
On Sunday of November 27th, 2016 (Lunar October 28th, Monkey year), many members of Dharma Protection Group returned to Hoang Phap Pagoda to support the monks by chance of Students’ Cultivation Course who are toward Buddhism.

Dharma Protection Group’ extracurricular entertaiment activities


In the spirit of helping the young sowing good seeds, morally developing for the national future by volunteering activities that support the monks in the great ceremonies and cultivation periods, the monks make chances to the young meet and study the Buddha’s sutra by his cultivation programs.

On each weekly activity, the monks organized the programs of extracurricular entainment with simple games, helping them improve solidarity spirit, try in progress, overcome their obstacles for best results. Those are lessons that the monks, by games, send to them practice.

The activity ended in the joyfulness of the mass.

Following are photograph recorded:


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