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The 5th Birthday of Dharmapala Team

Update: 19/12/2016
In the afternoon of Dec18, 2016 (Nov 20, lunar calendar) the administration of Dharmapala Guardian Group held its 5th birthday party for nearly 200 members at Hoang Phap pagoda.

The 5th Birthday of Dharmapala Team


Dharmapala Guardian Group formed in 2011 from the idea of ​​gathering young Buddhist devotees to support Buddhism affairs. The administration also organized the Buddhism retreats for young people to learn and understand more about Buddha’s teachings. Besides, there are also many exciting extracurricular activities for their founder. This is one of the most important factors making sustained growth and success for the team at present and in the future.

Based on the invitation of the Dharmapala Administrator, monk Thich Tam Dao, on behalf of Hoang Phap sangha, gave motivation talk as well as compliments for committed activities of the Group. Dharmapala stands for supporting Dharma and Buddhism activities, turning Dharma wheel within one’s means. Monk Thich Tam Dao hoped that Dharmapala volunteers are aware of the importance of their meaningful activities, trying their best in practice, applying all what they have learned and studied into daily life to become engaged members of the team and the society, the fit Dharmapala volunteers. Especially, the Dharmapala administration should spend more time to take care of the members in daily activities, Buddhism activities. Besides, the managing board should make Dharma learning more joyful with active and creative activities to attract more youths coming to pagoda and join the meaningful activities.

In this event, there is the recognition session with rewards for the qualified and best members of the Team.

The entertainment part followed the main session with the performances of Dharmapala members, singer Nam Cuong and other famous baby singers who had achieved prizes in the contests and TV shows as "The Voice for Viet Teenagers”, "Familiar Faces" and "The Little Hero”.

Following are the recorded photographs:


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