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The Dhrama Protecting Group Competing Cooking Vegetarian Foods.

Update: 25/01/2016
In order to help the members in The Dharma Protecting group to understand the Buddha’s philosophy clearly, especially the spirit of love and the protection of lives which surround us, the responsible monks, organized an vegetarian cooking competition for the Dharma Protectors. The purpose was to encourage the members to approach, understand and respect the life.

The Dhrama Protecting Group Competing Cooking Vegetarian Foods.


Talking about charity, we usually use beautiful words, fulfilled with phylosophy of love from Buddha. The love, the respectation and the esteem of life; which is right. But charity should not only be expressed by words but also be done by trivial actions, by how we act daily, such as eating, working and having daily fun.


In this life, the family meals play an important role to help people practice the passionate behavior. It’s simply clammy rice and simple soup. In summer a good meal includes only a tasty bowl of vegetable soup and slices of tofu. In winter, there are hot clammy rice with stewed mushrooms and pepper. Although those are not luxuriously delicious dishes it shows the coziness and the kindness inside the Buddhist family.


Why is that? Because it does not depend on expensive and unusual food. It’s because of the one who cook, usually the wives or the mothers. Who always care about the favors of their husbands and children? For example, the child is interested in omelet; the husband likes sliced boiled pork with pickle, a bowl of sour fish soup. In summer, the family love eating tofu with boiled vegetables, with sour soup, the sauce is mixed with lemon, chili, garlic, etc. Sometimes there is a “refreshment”, springrolls for children, fried rolls, roasted pork for adultsThe family meals must be pleased with each member’s taste. It is good to remembereach member’s different favorite dishes.

There are taken photos:


Translated into english by Nguyen Thi Mai Thao.

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