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The 6th Birthday of Dharmapala Group

Update: 08/01/2018
After busy time for the 87th Seven-Day Retreat and Amitabha Buddha Day, in the afternoon of Jan 07, 2018 (Nov 21, lunar calendar) Hoang Phap Dhamapala organizer held the 6th birthday party for its group with the attendance of nearly 500 members.

The 6th Birthday of Dharmapala Group


This group was founded in 2011 to ​​gather devoted and active youths supporting many activities of Hoang Phap pagoda. Since then, there have been more and more enrolling from candidates to be formal member of the group. The need of Dharma study from these youths is quite large. The pagoda has formed a sound and helpful playground with many activities and events for youths to learn, practice, work and play.

It has been six years already. Birthday is the occasion for everyone to review the panorama of the group for active plans in coming years.

Joining and witnessing the event, Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh, Abbot of Hoang Phap Pagoda, on behalf of the sangha, has praised the commitment of the group and motivated members for activities in coming time. In addition, he also encouraged everyone being diligent, active in practicing and learning Buddha teachings. Each one should sow good deeds, share Dharmic knowledge to others, help everyone understand and apply Dharma into daily life to have bliss and ease for oneself, family and the society. To do so, each member needs to have commitment in learning/preaching Dhamma and diligent study, being eligible member of Dhammapala group and becoming a Hoang Phap member in future. Last but not least, he sent his blessings and good wishes for a Happy Birthday to the group.

On this occasion, there were many rewards to honor excellent individuals in activities and practicing. These were small-but-encouraging gifts for better contributions from members in new year 2018.

The success of the ceremony also had enthusiastic contribution and performances from members and Mc Thao Nguyen/ Khanh Duy, singers Nam Cuong, Quang Ha, baby singers winning high prizes in music events “ Giong Hat Viet Nhi”, “Guong Mat Than Quen” and “Nguoi Hung Ti Hon”.

Following are recorded photographs:

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