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Hoang Phap Dharmapala Regular Meeting

Update: 13/11/2017
On Sunday, Nov 12, 2017 (Sep 24, lunar calendar), Hoang Phap Pagoda held regular meeting for Dharmapala group.

Hoang Phap Dharmapala Regular Meeting


During the course, participants listened to the Dharma talk from Venerable Thich Tam Vuong on the topic "Pure-Minded People" based on the verse " Ke Tinh Toa".


Once body, speech, and thought are clear, the scene will be clear accordingly. In which, thought/mind takes the lead: pure mind creates good karma bringing good results in present and future. On the contrary, evil mind leads to bad karma bringing suffering and unhappiness. Stainless morality is the basis of Buddhism practitioners and the origin of great civilization. Hence, regardless in terms of secular or religious field, it is necessary for people to cultivate pure mind to make this life better... For Buddhists, who often go to pagoda, pay homage to Buddha and chant sutra but lack of purifying the mind in life, they are not the full-fledged ones yet.


After the lecturing, Venerable Thich Tam Vuong, on behalf of the executive board, sent blessings to the just-married couple in Dharmapala group.  May the new family have happy marriage and reach its noble mission/meaning in life.


The meeting closed in the bliss of all.

Following are recorded photographs:


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