Specific Items of Consult

Reverence to Monks
Question: Should the Buddhists respect monks without practicing the right Dharma that Buddha taught?
Relying on True Dharma
Ask: On the path of practice, suppose I lost the Master’s faith, how could I do to believe in true...
Tranfering Merits to Relatives in Different Belief.
Q. A daughter - in – law follows Buddhism religion. She usually recites Kstigarbha sutra to trasfer...
A pure mind
Q: What does "Penetration into Dharma nature" in chanting sutras mean?
Buddha Recitation By The Whole Heart
Ask : In Sukhavati Vyuha Sutra, people are reminded to practice the Pure Land method and orally...
Converting relatives f­or Buddhism.
Ask: The wife has studied Buddhism for many years but the husband still hasn’t believed in it yet,...
Understanding and Love
Question: What do Buddhists do to have a happy family life?
The monk’s conduct
King Milinda asked Venerable Nàgasena: - Venerable Nàgasena! Once, I had chance to talk to...
Who Reciting Buddha’s Name?
Ask: The dharma scriptures are written that people reciting Buddha’s name sometimes wonder...
Firm trust
Question: How can I have absolute trust in Dharma Door of Buddha Recitation to gain rebirth in the...
The Real And Unreal Mind
Question: To become a Bodhisattva or Buddha, one has to realize one’s nature, so what is called...
Facing the Adversities
Ask: How can a Buddhist cultivate progressively while facing the adversities?