The story of Buddha

The eyes of the Prince Kunala
Once upon a time in India, there was a king named Ashoka who was famous for his fairness. When he...
The Patient Prince
In the Essential Methods of Meditation Sutra, A-Nan recounted a story: Once the Buddha with his...
A Lotus In The Mud
Reading Sunita"s mind through his timid gestures and pensive eyes, the Buddha walked quickly toward...
The Buddha visited a sick bhiksu
Then Ananda, one of the Buddha’s ten great disciples, took the sick bihksu’s dirty kasaya to wash...
The Buddha’s Halo
Thanks to His divine ears, the Buddha heard the scream for help from a boy from afar. He then...
Cái chết của Tôn-đà-lỵ
Ngày Phật Đản - nguyện cho thế giới an bình hạnh phúc
The Meaning of the Mysterious Events in Buddha’s Historic Birth
"The Bodhisattva was born standing still, balancing on two legs, facing north, walking seven steps,...