Articles about Buddha

Phước lạc thay sự xuất hiện của chư Phật
Season of Asoka flowers
Namo Sakya Muni Buddha! Vesak season is coming - the full moon of the forth month was entering...
Buddha’s birthday – the source of compassion and equality
... Truly, the Buddha’s compassion and equality have always spread all over all species and all...
How did the Buddha behave himself when he was paid respect and offered foods to ?
We all know that the Buddha was very successful and excellent in his mission known as preaching to...
One day of the Buddha
Buddha of our century
Shakyamuni Buddha taught that his teachings would brighten this world for a time only, next the...
Looking for the Buddha’s footprint in spring
Thinking of the devoted life for Dharma of the Buddha, we can image the sights that had kept his...
The Buddha and his teaching
Recently time, the rapid development of science and technology has caused social crisis and led to...
Was Buddha an Incarnation of God?
Even today there are certain religionists who try to absorb the Buddha into their beliefs as a way...
Buddha’s Sincerity
After having long travelled all over the places to preach the teachings for the mass, Buddha once...
Buddha’s Daily Life
Buddha can be considered the most actively and enthusiastically religious leader in the world. He...
Buddha image in the eyes of intellectuals
Tandit Nehru, the Ex-Prime Minister of India has talked about the Buddha image: “Though Buddha’s...