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Dharma Guardian Group Having Exciting Extracurricular Activity

Update: 18/01/2016
On Jan 17th, 2016 (Dec 8th Goat Year), young members of Guardian group gathered at Hoang Phap monastery to assist work and preparation for “Students toward Dharma” retreat.

Dharma Guardian Group Having Exciting Extracurricular Activity


It is the fourth year since the day Guardian group was established with the hope of cultivating good seeds and merit for young people through volunteering work and helping the monks in ceremonial days and retreats. In addition, the monks also provide a wide range of opportunities for the young to learn Buddha’s teachings through training program. In extracurricular hours, the monks also organized several games to foster team spirit on them, and this was also a prerequisite factor to make success for the group in the present and future.

Based on that spirit, an extracurricular program was held in this weekly-periodic meeting. Although songs and games were quite simple, the attenders could have an opportunity to promote solidarity, try to overcome all the ordeals that lead to the best results. This is a lesson that the monks want to give to all of young Buddhists through the games.

 The activity ended in joy of everyone.


Here are the images recorded:

Translated into English by Nguyen Hoang Thoai.

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