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Dhammapada Team Meeting

Update: 23/07/2017
On Sunday, Jul 23, 2017 (Jun 01, lunar calendar) Hoang Phap Dhammapada Team has its regular meeting.

Dhammapada Team Meeting


This time, Dhammapada leaders invite lecturer Nguyen Chi Linh, consultant for Onkar Coaching – Tri Tue Hoan Hao, sharing the topic "protection" to the group.

Everything in the world is governed by impermanence without any exception. Despite how strong we are, we may feel tired in moments of life and we need a protection, or exactly a place of refuge to base on. All the secular relationships as parents, relatives, or friends, ... regardless how close they are, none can protect and be abreast with us forever except Triratna that can protect us from evil, prevent us from bad deeds. This is the right place for us to take refuge, to entrust, and follow on the path to liberation and peace.

After 2 hours of sharing, participants’ faith on Triratna has been enhanced for diligent practice and better corporation with Hoang Phap monks in Buddhism activities. The meeting ended in the joy of all.

Following are the recorded photographs:


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