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Buddha Recitation By The Whole Heart

Update: 01/06/2016
Ask : In Sukhavati Vyuha Sutra, people are reminded to practice the Pure Land method and orally recite the name of Amitabha with contemplation of mind from one to seven days. So, everyday how many hours do Buddhists need to repeat the name of Buddha and do they need to practice other things?

Buddha Recitation By The Whole Heart



It is indicated clearly in Sukhavati Vyuha Sutra that if there are any people hearing about Buddha and orally reciting his name in one day or up to seven days without being scattered.

When this person is about to die, Buddha and the Assembly of Noble are manifest beside him. Therefore, no inversion is in his mind and he will be reborn in the Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha. One Sutra’ paragraph reminds people approaching the end of life need to know to rely on and firmly believe in Buddha’s name so as to have a rebirth in the world of utmost joy.

The most important point in reciting Buddha’s name is not how much the practice and continuance are done or how many times of rosary are completed. It’s necessary to maintain the contemplation and escape from the chaos in mind. While we are repeating his name, our minds are linked and equal to his which means we are attaining the peace and consciousness. Every single word is clearly listened and repeated without any mistakes.

Moreover, words and sentences for measuring the time shouldn’t be depended too much on  because it causes impatience in mind to complete enough a specific number of sentences or enough time without any sincerity of recitation

Actually, a phrase “one day, two days… to seven days” is just an estimated number for the concentration and diligence  of a person holding on the name of Amitabha Buddha frequently. While a primary thing in recitation is the contemplation or the whole mind towards Buddha.

We need to practice every step from simple to complicating ones. In spite of being sick or healthy, practictioners should always remember his name to prevent from neglecting and forgetting. The recitation in daily activities and work has to be considered as a principal and critical part for the cultivation. We ought not to neglect and release all of the gossips of right or wrong because everything in the world are fallacious and temporary. The recitation is maintained as breathing naturally and gently with a serious attention. The cultivation is done with a daily schedule or when we are walking, standing, lying, sitting as well as we are busy or free. It becomes a good habit in our internal perception. When we are reaching to the end of life, the name of Amitabha Buddha is always in our mind.

 Furthermore, we should listen to the Right Doctrine of the Buddha continually and use our mind to examine and contemplate the truth of impermanence in life. We can get rid of three poisons: greediness- anger-folly. The tempers will be controlled. There will be no more competitive and disturbing thinking so our mind can be peaceful and clear-sighted and easily springs up compassion to everyone. When we face with serious problems about our health or in the end of life our mind still has the name of Buddha and keeps practicing well as a result of the merit and virtue developed in advance. Thanks to them, our mind won’t have any confusions or fears and we will be reborn in the Pure Land. Conversely, the written words are relied on too much and we are ourselves complaisant. It’s really a big mistake with a misunderstanding that Buddha will come with us because we repeat ten times of his name as our sickness or being on deathbed.

Translated into English by Thai Thi Minh Thu.

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