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Firm trust

Update: 08/01/2016
Question: How can I have absolute trust in Dharma Door of Buddha Recitation to gain rebirth in the Pure Land for the future life?

Firm trust


We do not place our entire trust in the Triple Gems and painstakingly research three main sutras of Sukhavati (the Pure Land) sect, which includes Amitabha sutra, Sukhavativyuha (The Infinite Life) Sutra, and Amitayurdhyana sutra (Sutra of Visualization of Amitayus Buddha, so we still do not set up a trust in Dharma Door of Buddha Recitation for the future life. Moreover, we do not have wisdom to clearly know the fact, so the trust is weak and not really firm in the Buddha Dharma. Wisdom of Buddha is a hundred thousand times greater than that of an ordinary living being. .

 Buddha was able to see over 8400 germs in a glass of water with his naked eyes more than 2500s ago when science has not yet developed. At that time, no one believed in it, but scientists nowadays have confirmed that it is true. Buddha said our world was very small compared to the surrounding planets, and there were also as many measureless and limitless worlds across the universe as grains of sand of the Ganges. Modern scientists considerably respected the Buddha's wisdom one more time and declared that: “The end of science is just the beginning of Buddhism!”


Only a thin sheet of paper that cover our eyes may prevent us from seeing anything, while the vision of Buddha is perfect. He could see through things in triple-thousand great-thousand worlds..


Based on the wisdom and the profound understanding of Buddha, we know Buddha’s teachings are  perfectly true, which  is the foundation for us to put our faith upon. More importantly, we had better diligently study and practice them. When our mind is enlightened, it is not necessary to listen to someone or read many books in order to set up the trust because we ourselves can realize the whole truth. The attempt based on the faith will eventually enables us to recognize the nature of Amitabha in ourselves and reach the ultimate point of our practice.


Thích Minh Thành

Translated into English by Nguyen Hoang Thoai.

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