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How To Convert Your Relatives To Learn Buddhism
can propagate Dharma, but Dharma cannot propagate human.
Chuyển hóa sân hậnTransforming the anger
Question: It is said that after being angry with someone, they themselves realized their mistakes...
Benefits of Buddhist Dharma cultivation.
Question: Why do those who cultivate Buddhist Dharma will get a healthy body?
Wisdom is a Career
Question: What does "Wisdom is a Career" mean?
What will We Attain in Dharma Practice?
Question: Why it is said that the family will be in harmony if practising the Buddha Dharma?
Destroying Egoism.
Question: How do we destroy egoism so that when insulted by others, we are not still filled with...
Blessed Virtue and Merit
Question: What is the difference between merit and virtue?
Covetousness and the way of elimination
King Mihinda asked Venerable Nagasena about what is different between the greedy one and the...
Mindful Awareness
Questions: Why is it necessary to have a mindful awareness at present moment?
Hiểu đúng nhân quả nghiệp báo
Question: How do the causality and the retribution of Karma occurring to ourselves is due to past...
Ultimate Goal Of Being Sramana
Having offered great dana, King Milinda invited all the bhikkhu to return the monastery for rest,...
All Dharmas are None
Question: The Prajna Sutra of the Heart of prajna reads everything is nothing. What does it mean?