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Season of Asoka flowers

Update: 17/05/2011
Namo Sakya Muni Buddha! Vesak season is coming - the full moon of the forth month was entering people’s mind 2555 years ago. Today, all over the world, the cheerful ambiance is covered to celebrate the day of Buddha. It is the day that Sakya Muni came to Saha world, the day that He was born in the ambiance filled with cheer and happiness of Devakaya (Group of Gods) and all the human kind.

Season of Asoka flowers


Seven golden lotuses raise precious feet

Three thousand worlds welcomeTathagata (a tittle Buddha)

Dear the World’s Honored One!

He appeared gently from Tushita heaven entering intoQueen Maya’s hip in the disguise of a white elephant. After that wonderful event, He was born in Lumbini Park under Asoka tree and seven lotuses raised His feet. He was born and welcomed by a number of stories of people and heaven and groups of gods from different worlds. Oh! He appeared so wonderfully that no words can describe. I’m a descendant being born in the world without the existence of Buddha but I can feel the most blissful happiness arose in my heart as I was a resident in Kapilavastu (the city in which Prince Siddhartha was born) at that time. Since it is He who is the ultimate enlightenment light, the eternal truth, the greatly super person, the supreme Bodhi in Saha world over 2500 years ago.

Dear the World’s Honored One!

Since His light of truth shined, all of us seemed to clear away the dust coat of impure Saha. He helped us to understand precious living, deliverance far beyond people’s selfishness. We know that His great sacrifice is for eternal truth saving the human kind from being immersed in the six ways. I know the universe is the house of fire with temperature that cannot measure by concrete number. I realize that the universe is much darker than the night covered with black. Then, He appeared and promised to bring His heart that presents a torch as bright as thousands of stars lightening the darkening sky to lead human kind overcoming. He appeared as Dharma rains, drops of amrta (sweet dew) pouring and easing ignorance and anger that are burning in our heart. Today and right now, I have the chance to rely on His enlightened light in order to spread my heart more toward other things. And then, sorrow, love, anger, hatred I tried to grasp and nurtured in my mind and waited for bursting before, and I tranquilly consider them as nature of life today. Now, He has gone far from us over 25 centuries but our respect towards Him is always alive. Full moon of the forth month is so beautiful that reminds us the spiritual root. The moon is like His shadow above shining us - children who have been immerging in stormy sea of the universe know the way to enlighten and turn back into the original heart of ourselves. The moon of the forth month is perfectly full to all around the world as greatness and sacredness as His love for all living beings from different worlds.

Dear World’s Honored One!

It seems to Buddhists that the most beautiful day is the day He was born and the most beautiful full moon is that of the lunar April. That day of 2555 years ago, Saha world shook, Group of Gods welcomed Him – the supreme enlightened one was born. He appeared in a little shape but His wisdom was supernatural, His heart held great love for human kind. His whole life sacrificed for spiritual ideal in order to bring back eternal truth leading human kind to liberate from suffering. Since His enlightened light shined to every dark and sullen place of the universe, which would become warm sunrise, we have fell ultimately grateful to Him. He helped us understand the brightening life. He helped us to know impermanence of life. He enlightened us the true Dharma way to liberate ultimately and perpetual belief that never change. Through His compassion, wisdom, He brightened the light by His whole heart to lead living beings to the peaceful and enlightened station.

Dear World’s Honored One!

The birthday of lunar April, we respectfully hold palms and wish that everyone knows to live in enlightenment as His compassionate heart in order to make life more affectionate and equal. We promise to consider life through understanding and sharing heart to make life happy. We promise to become pure lotuses in Dharma garden so as to offer Him, promise to live and follow the World’s Honored One teachings.

How happy! Buddha was born

How happy! Dharma is supreme

How happy! Sangha is in harmony

How happy! The Four varga (monks, nuns, male devotees, and female devotees) together practice

Namo Sakya Muni Buddha!

Buddhist: Lien Huong

Vesak season, Buddhism calendar 2555 – Western calendar 2011

Translated into English by Nguyen Hoang Thoai.

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