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Looking for the Buddha’s footprint in spring

Update: 04/02/2008
Thinking of the devoted life for Dharma of the Buddha, we can image the sights that had kept his footprints and it is really pure and nice.

Looking for the Buddha’s footprint in spring


Indeed, the Buddha appeared in the world with a simple scenery but full of vitality. It was Lumbini garden where prince Siddhattha was born under theSaraca indica tree; when renouncingatthe world to looking for the Truth. He spent 11 years in the forest for taking experience of the liberation way; at the time of gaining the Truth and complete the full wisdom, the splendid of time and space was kept in the imposing scene of the forest, under the Bodhi tree.

After becoming a Buddha he started the steps of saving beings and he walked to Varanasi for turning the wheel of Dharma. Buddha had left his footprints throughout the vast area of Ganges River in India, enlightened people and spread compassion everywhere.

When the mission had been completed perfectly, Buddha came to Kushinagar for everlasting sleep. He entered nirvana in a forest under the foliage of the two Shala trees. It seems that Buddha spent the whole life in harmony with nature, plants and forest.

Coming back to the origin temple of Linh Son Buu Thien, haingbeen lived in the imposing forest, covered by the fresh air and marvelous tranquility of infinite sky, Ithink of the simple life of Buddha before. He meditated and preached Doctrine in such fresh atmosphere of the forest.

Especially, although it is in the quite still sight, the fresh smell of plants can be feel from the first gleam of the daylight or even in the decline of day when the glow of the sunset threads throughout the forest, it still floatsfaintly the sweet smell of grass. Slowly walking meditation on the natural road and enjoy clean air of the early morning makes me more relaxing, it just likes the original mindthatappears to me.

Buddha also came with us from the tranquility of pure mind. In such deeply sympathiesof the forests, the image of Buddha is present brightly in me with so gentle and purified footsteps.

Like the radiating scent from a pure lotus makes pleasant feel to people, Buddha’s awakened-footstep walks in non-stop, without tiredness. He traveled throughout forests, cities and villages, reached to far-away places. Wherever he comes, the happy and peaceful lifeexiststhere, the virtuous life with full merit and wisdom are set up. Buddha not just brings about happiness for living beings at that time but until now we also have chance takingthat grace by following his footstepsand advancing in his teaching.

Contemplating in the quiet forest, immense and remote, gradually the feeling of Buddha’s footsteps thatfollow, a spirit journey has been opened for the followers. On this journey, each step takes follower closer to the Buddha land and penetrates the spirit world beyond in which the true meaning of pure land can be showed.

InVimalakīrti Sutra, the Buddha can change our world to the pure world by pressing his foot on earth. Or the Saddharmapuṇḍarīka Sutra repeated the Buddha’s word “My pure land is still fine but it was destroyed in the eyes of human being”. For Buddha, pure land is simple and not difficult to find. However I still wonder about that. Until now, while taking meditation in a quiet space of Linh Son Buu Thien temple, the perception of pure land came to me as what Buddha taught in the sutra.

Surely, with conscious contemplating, the marvelous ease will be felt. This kind of ease can feel in every breath, every heartbeat, every bloodstream moving in body, every footstep… all are covered by the wonderful ease.As the tranquility spreads everywhere, the energy of peace pervasive harmony in every existence no matter sentient or non-sentient beings.

This marvelous ease exists in practitioner’s awareness, in the harmony with nature, with those who have the same vow and with all living beings. That is our spring, the spring for those who are on the way of following the Buddha’s footprint and who are keeping a awaken life.

May all take a living spring and experience the pure land likes the two verses that received by me from the highest ranking monk of Plum Village, Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh on the occasion of my visiting French in the end of last year:

Having no chance towander andtastethePure-land,

Being a man has no meaning
Thich Tri Quang

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