Introducing New Publication: GIFTS FOR TET 2021

Update: 14/01/2021

Introducing New Publication:  GIFTS FOR TET 2021


Spring fragrance spreads the sky

 To sublimate one’s life dreams.

In fact, it is difficult for anyone to deny the purity and beauty of spring. Just like spring, people have got radiant beauty not only by the appearance but also the true beauty from the inner "flower-like mind”.

Therefore, despite being busy with enormous duty, Venerable Thanh Luong still gives himself a private space to live with poems, like the way he often reflects and tends to his mind garden. 

All will be encapsulated in the book entitled Gifts For Tet 2021 delivered to readers in the Spring Festival. If one holds this book of poems, please take a moment to read and feel the taste of Spring, as well as generate a peaceful state in one’s mind and others.

 Best regards,           

 The Cultural Committee of Hoang Phap Monastery

-    Author: Thanh Lương (Senior Ven Thich Chan Tinh)

-     Illustrations: Nguyen Khang, Hoang Kim, Kim Luan Group 

-     English translator: Huynh Thi Khanh Phung 

-     Art design: The Cultural Committee of Hoang Phap Monastery

-     Publishing Liability: Hong Duc Publishing House   

WEB will introduce to readers some pictures of the publication:


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