Introducing a new publication: LESSONS LEARNED WHEN VISITING PAGODAS

Update: 27/02/2020
For generations, going to the pagoda to prostrate the Buddha has become a traditional beautiful cultural aspect of Vietnamese people. However, not everyone can fully understand the meaning of visiting temples in accordance with the Buddha's teachings.

Introducing a new publication: LESSONS LEARNED WHEN VISITING  PAGODAS


When paying a visit to a pagoda, we not only   pray for peace or serenity but also learn the rituals, the rules, walking postures, and prostrating acts of the monastic community, and so on. The pagoda is also the school of Buddhism from which we can listen to the teachings of the Sangha members to  understand the true paths and avoid superstitious deeds.

However,  we also need to know more about the appropriate activities and correct functions of the areas within the pagoda areas, understand the meanings of the images, the symbols and great vows of the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and Patriarchs displayed for public worship in that monastery.

Therefore, Venerable Thích Chân Tính has composed a booklet "Lessons Learned When Visiting Pagodas" with practical contents and specific illustrations to help readers easily absorb the most basic knowledge when paying a visit to a pagoda. Thoughtfully,   this knowledge is also essential for all those who are still new to Buddhism.

Hopefully, everyone can keep Buddhist demeanor when coming to temples, practice   the right Dharma and return home in bliss.

Best regards,

The Culture Board of Hoang Phap Pagoda




Author: Thich Chan Tinh

Illustration: Duong Ngoc –

English Advisor: Lecturer Le Van Duoc

Art Design: The Culture Board of Hoang Phap Pagoda

Responsibility for Publishing: Culture – Literature and Arts Publishing House


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