Lake unique discoloration because of coins

Update: 19/03/2015
The blue of Lake Morning Glory has been transformed into unique red, yellow, and green. Let"s watch the Lake Morning Glory change its color dramatically due to lucky coins thrown into it.

Lake unique discoloration because of coins


Yellowstone National Park (USA) is one of the most beautiful\r\nlandscapes that attract many visitors. In this national park there is the lake\r\n'Morning Glory' standing out for its  impressive color.


Lake derived from hot springs circuit. In the lake are a\r\nvariety of green and yellow fast-growing algae.


The water in the middle of the Lake Morning Glory is green\r\n,while its margin are yellow and red circles.


Every year, tourists still throw coins into the lake for\r\ngood luck. Chemicals from the coin has made some kinds of bacterial grow and\r\n causes  water discoloration.


The water in the lake has changed from blue to the present\r\ncolour since the 1950s, when many visitors began to flock to  the\r\n area.


The coins were  thrown into the lake have blocked the\r\nvents, which leads to a drop in the temperature inside the lake. This also\r\nfacilitates the development of  microbial mats which creates unique\r\ncolors.


Each year 3 million tourists visit the National Park.\r\nYellowstone National Park covers an area of 8980 km2, including the lake, the\r\nriver and the mountain range.


Algae in the lakes may exist in the temperature ranging 64 °\r\nC -107 ° C causing water discoloration.

Theo Citinews

Translated into English by Huynh Thi Tuyet Ngoc.

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