Dharma Talk "Nikaya, study and practice"

Update: 20/06/2017
Today Jun 20, 2017 (May 26, lunar calendar), there is a Dharma talk between monks, Buddhists at Hoang Phap Pagoda and Buddhist Chon Tin Toan, overseas Vietnamese from France. During the talk, she shares her experience of cultivation, learning sutras as well as answers questions of Nikaya.

Dharma Talk


Buddhist Chon Tinh Toan was born in a devout Buddhist family. It is the good opportunity for her to study Buddhism since her young age. With the passion for studying Buddhism scriptures, despite her busy work, she always spends time reading and listening sutras, especially the Nikaya. She has got the essence of each sutra, applied them to her practice and daily life, and got lots of spiritual benefits. Via the talk, she would like to share her knowledge and practical experience to everyone for the benefit of all.

Following are the recorded photographs:


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