Deep Gratitude to the Venerable.

Update: 27/10/2016

Deep Gratitude to the Venerable.


 Hoang Phap pagoda is radiant

Holy religion echoes everywhere

Amitabha Buddha’s Pure Land on earth

Has awoken so many people‘ mind


 The earth revolves, the earth spins

How happily waiting for a long time

Being accepted by our invitation

The Venerable preaches Dharma far away


 A far journey in half-global travel

Streams of Dharma he has taken from the native land

Watering mind in oversea gardens

For blossoming’s Buddhist seeds


 Buddhists living abroad

Being able to get happily mercy  

Gathered for his Dharma talk

Like the sun shining our ways


  Honorable for your visiting

We respectfully open compassionate heart

Vowing for diligence in cultivation

Castigating our ignorant lives


 Wishing the congregation’ return to the pagoda

Being knowledgable about Dharma and forever merciful

For next generations’  imitation

Coming back to chness o existence.


Modesto, 10/24/2016

Tac Thu Buddhists

Translated into English by Luong Bao Hoang Phuong.

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