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Tinh thần bất an từ đâu?

Cập nhật: 04/05/2015
Chúng ta đang sống trong thời đại hỗn loạn, căng thẳng và vội vàng, làm cho tinh thần con người luôn bất an.

Tinh thần bất an từ đâu?


Hence, it is vital to comprehend and know how to control the unsafe spirit. The simplest method is that in our daily life, we shouldn’t give controversial issues when our spirit is unsafe. We can enlist relaxing walks or sip a cup of tea, listen to sentimental music, and look for friends chatting to have a comfortable mind.

More critical approach is to observe where our thought derives from. We need to know how the thought arises and where it gets from. If we have no clue about what reason creating unsafe spirit, we don’t need to pay attention to it. Overlooking it will naturally avoid annoyance.

Regardless of what happens, it will pass at last. Thus, there is nothing to become furious. The spirit is unsafe, which is not only needless but also makes mind cluttered. Impolite speech or rude actions in angry state makes spirit in tumult and hurt our body and mind.

Once we know the reason causing the unsafe spirit, we should observe the birth and death of love and understand profoundly mind effect to health. This is wisely solving method. This wisdom allows us to know the hint of birth and death of unsafe spirit. After we know how to handle, we will act basing on typical occasion. And when every issue is clear, the spirit will be safe.

 Besides, another further technique is that you should not pay attention to events. How the hint of event is; what the cause is; how it causes controversy. We must consider whether our thought is good. Is it wisdom thought or affliction thought?  An affliction thought, being unable to win ourselves, means having no wisdom. If someone has any love and respect from everybody, the reason is he has wisdom. Is there anyone wanting to be an idiots? When we face insecurity, we should ignore it whether the thought is good or bad and how the thought arises. Let’s stop the thought at that moment.

Therefore, the Buddhism call affliction as heat distress. Distress is trouble, heat is hot temperature. Although we are not at hell, our body suffers from an anguish which is the same anguish at fire hell. We push ourselves down the hell, which is the action of a fool. At that very minute, we have to immediately stop the arising affliction thought.

In order to follow this approach one after another is very hard; therefore, we should start from the second step, which understands deeply thought and makes effort in cultivation. Waiting until the labor is matured, we will be able to move to another further step, which eliminates immediately arising thought.

The individuals who are able to reach this step are called Sages. It is untrue that the sages have no affliction, yet they can control themselves. They don’t let affliction make them endure torment and also don’t hurt other people. This is the most critical self-cultivation stage.

Translated into English by Huynh Vo Cao Tri.

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