Summer Retreat

Beloved Summer: 6th Day - B plan.
The next day we sat to the same seats because of thinking that the opponents would not be able to...
Beloved Summer: 5th Day - The face to face round.
Then we knew that the incident last night was due to the drainage system, but we did not bother...
Beloved Summer: Day 4 – Plan to Change People and Night Incident
Therefore, we lived in a large family which is full of love.
Beloved Summer: Day 3 (Part 2) - A new day
Talking about numbers, the official notice is: "From number 1 to 1040 will be in the main area."
Beloved Summer: Day 03 (part 1) – Place when Time Stops
….the place when time stops…. no worries about the past, no thought about the future...
Summer Beloved: The 2nd Day - The Mysterious Figures
The day we had waited for a long time reached. We arrived in a place named “Happiness”.
Beloved summer: Day 1 - Strange Case in Hotel
If an event in our life is a color then my journey is a crystal clear pearl.
A Series of Summer Retreat's Photos
Somewhere were words written in hurry and phone numbers added hastily. Smiles were still shining on...
Honored Young Talents at S-Buddhists Gameshow-Summer Retreat in 2014.
The young endowed with tremendous vitality from all parts of the country came to the summer...
Retreat Diary – To my friends
...The monks' lectures make me sleepy so I name them as "anesthetists"...
Receiving precepts and taking refuges -Summer Retreat 2014
After nearly a-week practice at pagoda, the young people realized how Buddhism benefits them in...
The Semi-Final S-Buddhists Game Show– Sumer Retreat in 2014
The specific content, form impression, and various categories are the main features of the...