Summer Retreat

The Secret of Roses - 4th Day of Summer Retreat at Dong Cao Pagoda
Manzoni said: “One of the greatest happiness of life is friendship and the other is to have the one...
The third day of summer retreat at Dong Cao pagoda
One-day cultivation has finished, but that gave attendees precious lessons. It was the moment of...
A Di Đà Phật. Kính thưa quý vị để kết thúc chương trình Phật pháp nhiệm mầu kỳ 5 năm 2006 à chúng con xin thành kính cung thỉnh thầy Thích Chân Tính người đã sáng lập ra chương trình Phật pháp nhiệm m
“Do not look at the stars! as many things have not been understood on earth Future of tomorrow is...
Photo Collection of Summer Retreat 2017
Following are the recorded photographs of Summer Retreat 2017
6th Day of the Retreat: Following Triratna
Our current life is only a short stage in the samsara cycle. Life by life, we enjoy the fruit of...
7th Day of Summer Retreat: Mom’s Untold Stories
Kid is bred with milk of love from mom in the warm protection of parents. Mom brought kids to sweet...
The Fifth Day of Summer Retreat: “Happy Home”
Morality can cover for the shortage of intellectual but intellectual can never make up for the lack...
4th Day of Summer Retreat 2017: Fakebook
Our life is more likely a book, in which some chapters talk about failure, loss, difficulty while...
Ngày Thứ III KTMH 2017: Hành Trang Cuộc Đời
Life is more likely a journey that we cannot guess what are awaiting us ahead. At the turning...
Second Day of Summer Retreat: “You Are Talent, So Am I”
Each of us has one life to live, so we should live properly and effectively to deserve the grace...
Opening Student Summer Retreat 2017
After a hard-working school-year, here comes the summer with joys and relax for students.
"Understanding and Compassion" - Student Summer Retreat 2017
Student Summer Retreat has been one of the interested Buddhism activities of Hoang Phap Pagoda for...