Sect of Buddhas name Recitation

History of Sakyamuni Buddha
Owing to one of his great vows and his infinite compassion, Sakyamuni Buddha refused all forms of...
Summary History of Sakyamuni Buddha
Siddhartha is original name of Sakya Buddha. His last name is Sakya, a branch of a family Kosala,...
The greatness of Buddha
"If you want to see the most noble of mankind, look the emperor in beggar wear, the Buddha. His...
Buddha – The greatest Person of all times
From this world, he did attain highest wisdom and enlightenment, skillfully turning dharma wheel...
Buddha in Real Life
Buddha with various Dharma practice
In order to guide varied disciples of various levels at best, Buddha had flexibly uses lively,...
The great layman Ly Binh Nam died and left behind thousands of balls of relics
Sir Ly Binh Nam was the great master of over 200 thousand disciples, in general, and of Most...
Sư Bà Như Phụng vãng sanh lưu xá lợi
Previous incarnation of Amitabha Buddha
The original teacher Sakyamuni Buddha has been a Historical Being in the Jambudvida or the Saha...