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Suffering’s Appearance and Disappearance
Pertaining to the tenet of Buddhism, “Suffering” is the first thing to be mentioned about.
Hundred Years of Human World.
Once, the Buddha was in Ràjagaha, at Truc Lam, where it reared squirrels. There, the Buddha taught...
I Miss the Days at Hoang Phap Pagoda
I miss those days at Hoang Phap pagoda. I miss the frangipani falling on green fence, the chubby...
Affliction and vice
Most people would have affliction. When this suffering becomes a routine, the effect of affliction...
Seven-Day Retreat- Strange on me!
It is me - a 21-years-old with big dreams, big ambition with "hyperactivity" and young thoughts.
Opening your Heart, Overcoming difficulties
Many people think that they have good jobs, successful careers and stable life with materials.
The wise people will not believe in the garbish rumor.
Among the five precepts of Buddhism there is a rule of “no lying” that means people should not...
Young people Starting their own Business
Being affected by the thought "It’s better being a king in blind world than becoming a loser in the...
Whether Former Happiness Still Exists?
Children often do not keep anger or envy at anyone quite a while. On the other hand, they easily...
The causes and conditions of Wealth and Poverty.
Once, Bhagava was at Anathapindika’s monastery, in Savatthi, when a man named Todeyyaputta...
Good Words not Conquering People.
When someone loves being exalting and receiving compliments, they are pleased with those though it...
11 Things DailyReminding Yourself
After waking up every morning, sit in deep meditation, reflect the mind and body.