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Fame and Benefit Only Temporary.
The aim of greedy human not only is taken over money, reputation and status in society, yet these...
Four Kinds Of Bliss
Once, The Blessed One and his Bhikkhus resided in Koli. Then Anathapindika, the householder came...
Goodbye To Pressure
Efficiency is the most important criteria in performance evaluation but we should not necessarily...
Busy but Happy, Tired but Joyful
I always support the ones who are busy, busy, busy, busy but happy; tired, tired, tired, tired but...
White Lie, Should or Should Not?
There are some situations in life when we cannot help telling a lie.
Working Without Money
What is the wholesome moral concept of occupation that moderners should possess?
Relaxing on Holidays
...You know, I really liked the atmostphere at Hoang Phap pagoda!!! This is a place where the youth...
Knowing and Experiencing suffering means without being suffered
Suffering is one of the main doctrines of Buddhism. For Buddhism, human lifetime is a process of...
Immiserable at all
…Actually we just change our conception, attitude and feeling, suffering will be over…
Releasing Animosity, Avoid Storing it.
The phrase “complaining angrily” exists in every aspect of social life, from families to social...
Harmonic between sensibility and rationality
… Sensibility and rationality must work together; the sensible people need rationality to support,...
Happiness In Peaceful State
Once upon the time, Buddha was dwelling in the forest of Kosala kingdom.