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Saving Time And Living In Present.
Under work pressure, people use and take advantage of time at every moment, and for this reason the...
10 Practical Ways to Live a Happier Life Today
Living a happier life often seems to be about living your big dreams and putting in a lot of work...
Patience in Both Good and Bad Condition.
A thought of hatred and anger arises because one does not get his desire and greedy, or one gets...
Work and peace of mind
Some people can enjoy happiness in daily life, but they often suffer anxiety at work. There are...
Buddhism, Icicles, and Trying to Love Your Enemies
It’s often said that Buddhism is built on two core principles - wisdom and compassion.
Avoiding Fame and Power Temptation
1. It is obvious that everybody wants to pursuit the fame and the power. There are many young...
Both Male Baby And Female Baby Are Good
One day, Buddha was staying in Savatthi when king Pasenadi came to meet him. He expressed his...
Eating from Hunger, Sleepng fromTiredness
One time, The Blessed One lives at Rajagaha, in Veluvana.
Releasing Living Creatures
...On the day I was born, I think that I don"t know what I have to do to offer to my parents and it...
Transferring Greedy Mind to Vowing Mind
Buddha said that greed is the source of misery. In order to solve the misery, we should start from...
Không quyến luyến, không trốn tránh
Wide Connection With Good Conditions
We know that greed is a bad habit that is not good; but sometimes we fall on another extreme. It is...