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Life is Tough. Here Are Six Ways to Deal With It – Part 2
In our culture, we think of patience as passive and unglamorous; other qualities like love or...
Life is Tough. Here Are Six Ways to Deal With It – Part 1
An ancient set of Buddhist slogans offers us six powerful techniques to transform life’s...
Learn how to have humanity
Ven. Master Hsing Yun, had a student. This student graduated from university, and then he kept...
How Do I Deal With Painful Thoughts of Revenge?
You needn’t give harbor to thoughts of ill will, says Lewis Richmond, no matter how justified they...
Opening Spring - Opening Mind
A new day begins. The great bell rings for a long time, from louder gradually to smaller … from...
Planting Bodhi trees
People who research Buddhism are familiar with the phrase “Planting Bodhi trees”.
Offer Your Depression – Ending Part
So, surprise, the secret antidote for depression is opening to it and watching it transform into a...
Offer Your Depression – Part 1
Once I was in a meeting with a publisher to discuss a book I was writing (for which he had paid a...
How to Feed Your Demons – Ending Part
Step 4: Feed the Demon and Meet the Ally
How to Feed Your Demons (Part 1)
Know Your Enemy – Ending Part
And then note how stressed your enemy feels on seeing or thinking of you.
Know Your Enemy – Part 3
Familiarity can stop this cycle of enemy-making. A recent study of prejudice revealed that mutual...