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Working as Self-Practice.
On the road looking for work, we ourselves need to provide all things completely with the necessary...
Pain Without Suffering
There is a most venerable, having a serious cancer in bed and incessantly groaning in pain.
Good Speech, Good Heart
There is a proverb that says “An ox is taken by the horns, and a man by the tongue.” which means...
How to keep one’s mind peaceful?
In the history Zen Buddhism there is a story about between Bodhidharma, the first Patriach of...
Kẻ trí làm điều ác, tội báo nhỏ - Người ngu làm điều ác tội báo lớn
Human life gets bitter fruits
As a human, no one wants to suffer, all want to be happy, so the psychology of avoiding the evil to...
Karma and Subconscious.
In the words of Buddhism, the lost control of human’s behavior and spirit has a close relationship...
Believing in only One Person
At one time the Buddha stayed at Truc Lam Monastery, and taught Bhiksus:
Tolerance - a Requirement to Understand Each Other
Normally, everyone thinks that communication is to make our listeners accept us and speakers often...
Tái sanh - vô sanh
Tinh thần bất an từ đâu?
We are living in the age of chaos, stress, and rush, which makes human spirit unsafe.
Why do we encounter obstacles?
In daily life, we often encounter kinds of obstacles.