A Lotus In The Mud
Reading Sunita"s mind through his timid gestures and pensive eyes, the Buddha walked quickly toward...
Great Master Ham Son Explaining about Pure Land Sect
First, cut off external causation then, be internal thought to be raised. Use one chant of Amitabha...
Why Using 108 beads?
Buddha looks at the universe that is not materialist, not idealistic nor religious. Buddhism looks...
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Inmost feelings becoming a monk
A Summary History of Amitabha Buddha and His 48 Great Vows
Amitabha Buddha’s merits and virtues are extremely great. They originate from the great pity and...
The Pure Land Practice Can Save All Living Beings
The Pure Land Practice takes one-mind unconfused as a means to be born in the Sukhavāti for the...
Ten Benefits of Buddha Recitation
Mantra of Cloud-of-Compassion Repentance said: “In three worlds of Great Masters, the thousand of...
Fragrance of Buddha Recitation
Buddhism is described as a fragrant flower, which everyone can smell that aroma. It is not because...
Senior Venerable Thich Chon Thanh has still kept a marvelous tongue relic.
Together with his Buddhist fellows, Senior Venerable Thich Chon Thanh took in turns to enter a pure...
The Buddha visited a sick bhiksu
Then Ananda, one of the Buddha’s ten great disciples, took the sick bihksu’s dirty kasaya to wash...
The Buddha’s Halo
Thanks to His divine ears, the Buddha heard the scream for help from a boy from afar. He then...