One-Day Retreat at Đong Cao Pagoda, Thanh Hoa Province
June 7th, 2015 (April 21st, Goat Year), Dong Cao Bodhimandala, in Yen Khoai hamlet, Nga Yen...
Chuyển hóa sân hậnTransforming the anger
Question: It is said that after being angry with someone, they themselves realized their mistakes...
The teacher, 80 years old, free birds on retire day with his students.
In the final days of the 12th grade, teachers and students of Luong The Vinh high school in Hanoi...
Summer Beloved: The 2nd Day - The Mysterious Figures
The day we had waited for a long time reached. We arrived in a place named “Happiness”.
The correlation between giving and receiving
At the period of Buddha, heresided in a peaked preaching hall in Vesali.
Students’ retreat
Hoang Phap Pagoda held a Dharma day for students on June 07th, 2015 (LunarApril 21st Goat Year)....
Charity at Hung Phap Pagoda – Dong Nai
On the morning of June 06th, 2015 (April 20th, Goat Year), Junior Venerable Thich Tam Hue and...
Meaning of Holding One’s Palms Together
In monastery, Holding One’s Palms together is a common way to pay honor to the Triratna (Three...
Human life gets bitter fruits
As a human, no one wants to suffer, all want to be happy, so the psychology of avoiding the evil to...
Vesak Celebration at Tieu Dao pagoda, Quang Ninh province.
In order to honor the Buddha’s birthday from the Buddhists all over the world, the Vesak...
Beloved summer: Day 1 - Strange Case in Hotel
If an event in our life is a color then my journey is a crystal clear pearl.
The great Vesak ceremony at Tay Khanh Pagoda - Thai Binh province.
In a joyful atmosphere across the country at the time when millions of people were welcoming the...