The Vesak 2015
In the atmosphere welcoming the Vesak Day being taken place over the world, on June 1st, 2015...
Preparing for Vesak Day at Tay Khanh pagoda – Thai Binh province.
In the joyful atmosphere of millions of Buddhists on Vesak Day. Venerables and Buddhists of Tay...
Ceremony of Buddha’s Birthday at Quoc Thoi Pagoda- Bến Tre
Responding to the invitation of Ven. Thich Tam Hung , with the permission of the Senior Ven. Thich...
Presenting the Merit Certificate for Buddhists’ Rostrum and Lumbini Garden at Home
In harmony with the merry atmosphere of the Vesak day, the Shanghas of Hoang Phap Pagoda recently...
The Repentance ceremony on Lunar April 14th Goat Year
On the late afternoon of May 31st , 2015 ( Lunar April 14th, Goat Year), despite the weather,...
Benefits of Buddhist Dharma cultivation.
Question: Why do those who cultivate Buddhist Dharma will get a healthy body?
The Preparation Greeting the Vesak’s Day
“Happiness with The Buddha Birth” 2,639 years ago (624 A.D.)
Exceedingly rare causes and conditions for becoming a Buddhist monk of Master Da An.
Master Da An is the current abbot of Donglin Pagoda in Lushan, a Chinese Pure Land Buddhist Temple.
Karma and Subconscious.
In the words of Buddhism, the lost control of human’s behavior and spirit has a close relationship...
Những lợi ích bất ngờ của nước ép cà rốt
The 51st Program of Dharma Light
On the morning of May 24, 2015 (Lunar April Horse Year), Hoang Phap pagoda organized The 51st...
Dharma Talk at Kim Lien Pagoda – Can Tho
According to invitation of Abbess Thich Nu Nhu Nhan, in the morning May 23rd, 2015 (Lunar April 6th...