The Seventh Day of the Summer Retreat – Ups and Downs of Emotions
The 11th Summer Retreat in 2015 was coming to its end. Lessons from lectures, experience, spiritual...
The Sixth Day of the Summer Retreat - Land of the spirits.
The time still pass hastily, the last days of the retreat is coming.
The Fifth Day of the Summer Retreat - Lighting the fires of love - raking up the passion.
Accepting the invitation from Organizational group of pagoda, the Dharma expounders and the special...
The Fourth Day of Summer Retreat , S- Buddhist’s Talent
Eventful, exciting and full of surprises; those are the feelings from the young participants in the...
The third day of summer cultivation retreat – living experience and living lesson.
For each of long trip or journal we all get interesting living lesson. That is the lesson of facing...
Two Dharma Affairs in One-Day Retreat in Nha Trang
In the afternoon of July 5th, 2015 (May 20th, The Goat Year), Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh, who...
The Summer Retreat – Crying after Smiling.
In normal days, there is only the sound of bamboo brooms when the monks and the Buddhists are...
Summer Retreat 2015- Special Retreat for Students
Being finished a long time of hard-working, another summer has come again in the general joy for...
Trên thế gian này cái gì không sanh?
One-day Buddha Recitation at Dong Cao Pagoda – Thanh Hoa Province.
On July 05th, 2015 (Lunar May. 20th, Goat Years), Buddhists gathered at Dong Cao Pagoda, Yen Khoai...
Ninth day - Go home.
The meal took place in unusual silence this morning. The first time our hearts were full of emotion...
Saying truthful words!
...Pure gold is said not to fear the fire or paper connot wrap the fire.