Year away from home
Republic of spring in the air, all over the earth and sky as innovation.
Charity in Ho Chi Minh City, Tra Vinh and Tien Giang
Morning of 27.12.2013 (to date 27/12 year quarter Ty), is the teaching of the Venerable Abbot Thich...
Charity in Binh Thuan, Long An and Can Tho.
Continue program "Spring Love", according to the teachings of Venerable Abbot Thich Legs, in those...
The Program Welcoming the Lunar New Year (Horse Year)
Joining in the air to welcome the Lunar New Year (Horse Year) in the country, Hoang Phap pagoda...
Right from the aroma of Dharma students
On 12.01.2014 (12/12/Quy Ty), students in inner suburbs have the Hoang Phap Temple students attend...
The 3rd Program of Sun Flower
In the morning of December 14th 2013 (Lunar November 12th Snake year), Hoang Phap pagoda celebrated...
Beginning The 75th Cultivation Course
On December 13th, 2013 (Lunar November 11th Snake Year), Hoang Phap pagoda started a new...
Our Mentor
On the occasion of the commemorative day of Hoang Phap Pagoda - October 16 of the Snake year,...
The Program of “The 43rd Buddha’s Dharma Light”
In the morning of November 3rd, 2013 (October 1st, Snake Year), Hoang Phap Pagoda organized one-day...
Charity - Quang Binh.
Right after you launch credit men and women support the central flood relief, a quarter of...
Lễ quy y và thế phát xuất gia chùa Cổ Am - Nghệ An
The Program of “The 42nd Buddha’s Dharma Light”
In the morning of September 8th, 2013 (August 4th, Snake Year), thousands of Buddhists from many...