Cucumber Slaw
"A new twist that is healthier than a basic slaw. This is easy and fast to make."
One-day retreat
On Oct. 2nd , 2016 (lunar Sep. 2nd , Monkey Year) thousands of Buddhists in all provinces gathered...
Make Your Life Better by Saying Thank You in These 7 Situations
I don’t say “Thank You” as often as I should and I doubt I’m the only one.
The Repentant Ceremony of Aug. 30th Monkey year.
In the evening of Sep. 30th, 2016 (lunar Aug. 30th Monkey year) Hoang Phap pagoda organized the...
Haldi Ka Doodh (Hot Turmeric Milk)
Recipe by: kaymende "A great home remedy beverage for cough, congestion, colds and skin problems....
Visiting and Lecturing at Vietnamese Pagodas in Seattle - United States
In the morning of Sep 30, 2016, during his preaching trip in Washington, the Venerable Thich Chan...
13 smart tips for a green pregnancy
Going green during your pregnancy doesn’t have to be a totally overwhelming — or outrageously...
Having Dharma Talk at Niem Phat Duong Lien Hoa (pagoda) and Visiting American Museum of Natural History (AMNH)
In the morning of Sep 28, 2016, the Venerable Thich Chan Tinh had a Dharma talk sharing his...
Buddhist Conference at Gia Lam Pagoda, Ha Tinh
On morning of Sep. 28th, 2016 (lunar Aug. 28th, monkey Year) Gia Lam Pagoda organized the IIIth...
Zuckerbergs pledge $3 bil to banish diseases
As part of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife plan to prevent, cure, or...
Authentic Pad Thai Noodles
Recipe by: Julia "This is an authentic Thai recipe, with the proper ingredients (no ketchup or...
Too little sleep, or too much, linked to risk of heart disease
Reuters Health) - Sleep irregularities may be tied to a variety of health problems, such as...