Dharma Preaching at Nhu Lai Thien Tu Pagoda - United States
In the evening Sep 04, 2016, Venerable Thich Chan Tinh had a Dharma talk at Nhu Lai Thien Tu...
Kids who watch lots of TV have lower bone mass as adults
Kids who watch a lot of television may build less bone during critical years, and be more...
Giving gifts to pupils in Tay Ninh province
On Sep. 5th, 2016 (lunar Aug. 5th, Monkey year) charity group of Hoang Phap pagoda came to Tan Hoa...
Visiting J.P Getty museum and lecturing at Hien Nhu Tinh That Pagoda
In the morning Sep 02, 2016, Venerable Thich Chan Tinh and Buddhists had a visit to J.P Getty art...
A desk job could make you 60% more likely to die earlier
Hour"s exercise every day is needed to help beat deadly effects of working 9 to 5
Mosquito-repellent Soap Invention Seeks to Fight Malaria in Africa
(DAKAR) Two former students from Burkina Faso have designed a mosquito-repellent soap, which they...
One - day retreat
On Sep. 4th, 2016 (lunar Aug. 4th, monkey Year) thousands of Buddhists in all provinces gathered at...
Visiting Tay Lai Pagoda and Dharma Talk at Phat To Pagoda - United States
On Aug 31, 2016, Venerable Thich Chan Tinh and his group came to Southern California to continue...
What Challenges Teach Us
No river flows in a straight line. It makes its way in a zig-zag fashion. Every obstacle the river...
Repentance Ceremony on August 31st, 2016.
In the evening of August 31st, 2016, the Buddhist followers in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring...
Visiting An Lac Pagoda and lecturing at Buddhist Nguyen Hang’s residence
In the morning Aug 30, 2016, Venerable Thich Chan Tinh and monks from Hoang Phap Pagoda visited...
Reap the benefits of "Deep Work"
When concentrating intensely, without distraction, on demanding things, you not only become...