Buddhist Li-Ka-Shing, Asia’s wealthiest man.
According to the figure estimated on March 27, 2015 of Forbes Magazine, the property of Hong Kong...
Suffering’s Appearance and Disappearance
Pertaining to the tenet of Buddhism, “Suffering” is the first thing to be mentioned about.
One-Day Retreat In Cambodia
On Sep. 20th, 2015 (Lunar Aug. 08th, Goat Year), Hoang Phap pagoda in Cambodia organized ONE-DAY...
Hundred Years of Human World.
Once, the Buddha was in Ràjagaha, at Truc Lam, where it reared squirrels. There, the Buddha taught...
Humanitarian Activity of Blood Donation
Humanitarian Activity of Blood Donation is one of the positive works performing the virtue of...
Charitable – Releasing Creatures in An Giang
In the morning of September 19th, 2015 (Lunar August 7th, Goat Year), Junior Venerable Thich Tam...
I Miss the Days at Hoang Phap Pagoda
I miss those days at Hoang Phap pagoda. I miss the frangipani falling on green fence, the chubby...
Affliction and vice
Most people would have affliction. When this suffering becomes a routine, the effect of affliction...
Why did li lian jie study dharma?
Li Lian Jie was born at April 26th,1963, an actor, a businessman, a martial art man and a famous...
Facts About Sleep Paralysis That Not Everyone Knows
To discover more about the phenomenon of incubus and the feeling of awakening but something heavy...
Belief – Diligence - Vow
Question: Why do the Buddhists who, for long time, understand the necessary conditions of the...
Seven-Day Retreat- Strange on me!
It is me - a 21-years-old with big dreams, big ambition with "hyperactivity" and young thoughts.