The 2nd Ceremony of Taking Triratna Refuge in 2016
On July 07th, 2016 (Lunar June 14th, Monkey year), the 2nd ceremony of taking Triratna Refuge in...
SUCCESS for Teens: The Power of Good Habits
Good habits can serve you for a lifetime.
5 Practices for Nurturing Happiness
We all want to be happy and there are many books and teachers in the world that try to help people...
The most venerable visit and preach dharma at hoang phap summer retreat.
On the morning of July 13th, 2016 (lunar June 10th, monkey year) Most Law Master Thich Minh Thong,...
Tips for Working in Groups
Working together in a group can be a great experience or a terrible one.
Dalai Lama: Buddhist centers should be academic classrooms, places of interreligious dialogue
The Dalai Lama called on Buddhist centers to host academic pursuits and interreligious dialogue.
Tranfering Merits to Relatives in Different Belief.
Q. A daughter - in – law follows Buddhism religion. She usually recites Kstigarbha sutra to trasfer...
18 Tips To Be a More Successful Young Leader
The entirety of this post is personal insights that I have had as a young leader in the form of...
Ceremony of Seating Buddha and preaching Dharma at Nhan Thien Tam Vegetarian Restaurant
On morning of July 9th, 2016 (Lunar June 6, Monkey year), Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh, on the...
The 56th Program of Dharma Light
On July 10th, 2016 (Lunar June 07th Monkey Year), Buddhists inside and outside of HCMC came to...
Buddhism shapes way of life in Thailand
A trip to Bangkok and temples reveal the seamless integration of Buddhist ideology and everyday...
Four Ways of Lying.
Once, the Buddha staying in Kosambi, Ghosita garden, taught monks: “Bhikkhus! There are four ways...