Repentant Course on Dec 28, 2016 (Nov 30 lunar calendar)
In the evening of Dec 28, 2016 (Nov 30 lunar calendar), Buddhists gathered at Hoang Phap pagoda to...
The Nuptial Ceremony at Hoa Phuc Pagoda – Hanoi Capital
Long ago Nuptial ceremony became the culture of Buddhists. “Hang” means eternal, “Thuan” means...
Gunline Coffee
"My Husband is in the artillery and every time he goes out to the field this is what he and the...
Extracurricular Course for Seeding Dutiful Practice in Tay Ninh Province
On Dec. 25th, 2026 (lunar Nov. 27th, Monkey year), Hoang Phap Pagoda organized Extracurricular...
Know Your Enemy – Ending Part
And then note how stressed your enemy feels on seeing or thinking of you.
Know Your Enemy – Part 3
Familiarity can stop this cycle of enemy-making. A recent study of prejudice revealed that mutual...
Know Your Enemy – Part 2
A few years ago I led a meditation group at an elementary school in Washington, D.C. The walls of...
Know Your Enemy – Part 1
We call people who harm us enemies, but is that who they really are? When we see the person behind...
One day Retreat for Vien Giac Ashram
On Dec 18, 2016 (Nov 20, lunar calendar), more than 1000 Buddhist devotees of Vien Giac ashram from...
The 5th Birthday of Dharmapala Team
In the afternoon of Dec18, 2016 (Nov 20, lunar calendar) the administration of Dharmapala Guardian...
Buddhism Marriage Rite at Hoang Phap Pagoda
On Dec 17, 2016 (Nov 19, lunar calendar), clergymen at Hoang Phap Pagoda carries out the Buddhism...
Buddhism scripture teachers struggling to keep up with demand from state schools
New South Wales public schools are struggling to keep up with demand for Buddhism scripture teachers