Preparations for Amitabha Buddha’s Birthday in 2015
On the last winter days, the scenery of the southern part of this S-shaped strip of land seems...
The 9th Sunflower Show
On Dec.12th, 2015 (Nov. 13th in Goat Year), on the occasion of the 81st Buddhist Cultivation, Hoang...
Flower Lantern Ceremony Commemorating Buddha Amitabha at Phuoc Thien pagoda
On Dec, 20th 2015 (Nov, 10th Goat Year) from nun Venerable Thich Nư Chuc Hai’s invitation, Phuoc...
Opening The 81th Seven-Day Retreat Courses
On 21/12/2015, Hoang Phap official starting the 81th Seven-Day Retreat Courses with the attendant...
General Dharma The 20th
Before the 81th Seven-Day Retreat officially started, Hoang Phap monastery had organized the 20th...
Giving Presents and releasing Living Creatures in Binh Thuan Province.
Lighting Festival for Amitabha Buddha’s Birth at Long Hoa Nunnery - Long An Province.
Mixing in the pleasure of Buddhists towards the commemorative day of Amitabha Buddha, the founder...
Keep training in un-well state.
Once time the Lord Buddha was dwelling in Vaisali, the Buddha visited a serious sick monk.
Art of Working
Is the tentative concession for group’s benefits called selfless spirit?
Ceremony of Trinity Refuge and Amirabha Buddha’s Birth at Hoa Phuc Pagoda, Ha Noi
The spring ended and the winter is coming. Northern sky these days is slowly transforming itself in...
One Day Retreat
On Dec. 13th, 2015 thousands of Buddhists from different places came to Hoang Phap monastery to...
Bad evening habits must be broken
Brushing teeth after dinner, spending little time sleeping, watching TV and using mobile phone a...