Dharma talks about "Toward good things" in the 3rd day practice
On May 1st, 2023, Junior Thich Tam Tri – a monk of Hoang Phap pagoda - had a Dharma talk to the...
The 3rd One-Day Retreat at Minh Chat Ashram in Can Tho
Junior Thich Tam Hue and devout Buddhists of Hoang Phap pagoda returned to Minh Chat retreat in Can...
Being a kind person
We used to have faith in human kindness. I don't know when the faith in us has gradually dried up.
Dharma talk Is practice easy or difficult in the 2nd day practice
On April 30th, 2023, Junior Thich Tam Duoc – a monk of Hoang Phap pagoda - had a Dharma talk to the...
Wedding Ceremony at the pagoda
Hoang Phap Pagoda solemnly organized a wedding ceremony on April 30th, 2023 (March 11th, Year of...
Dharma talk A short - term vacation in the 1st day practice
Aim at help followers learn Buddhadharma, know about the unknown, and consolidate what they already...
Repentant ceremony for the names of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara
Devout Buddhists returned to Hoang Phap temple to attend the prostration rite to the title of...
Inauguration ceremony of dining- room and offerings at Khmer Theravada Academy
On April 26th, 2023 Junior Thich Tam Hue and Buddhists from Hoang Phap Pagoda went to area 12, Chau...
Giving box-lunch portions on occasion the 99th Seven-Day Retreat
In the Junior Abbot ’s joyful agreeableness, Junior Thich Tam Hue, and Buddhists of Hoang Phap...
Visiting and exchanging Buddhist culture at Hoang Phap pagoda of Doctors of Buddhist Studies Thailand - India
On the occasion of the pilgrimage trip to Vietnam, two monks from MCU University Thailand and one...
The Rite of Releasing creatures, Praying for Peace of Toan Phat Company Limited at Ba Lua port in Cu Chi.
Junior Thich Tam Hue, Buddhists of Hoang Phap pagoda and Toan Phat Company Limited in Long An went...
The 12th Lotus seeds Sowing Retreat at Dong Cao Pagoda, Thanh Hoa
With the theme "Toward to the origin" on April 23rd, 2023, Dong Cao pagoda (Thanh Hoa province)...