COVID-19 a Lesson in “Universal Responsibility,” Dalai Lama Says on Earth Day
In a public statement marking the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on 22 April, His Holiness the Dalai...
Korean Zen Master Pomnyun Sunim Offers Buddhist Guidance for Coping with the Pandemic
The venerable Korean Seon (Zen) master Pomnyun Sunim* on Monday shared a Buddhist message of hope,...
A Million Turn Out for Samyak Mahadan Buddhist Festival in Patan, Nepal
Samyak Mahadan, a thousand-year-old Buddhist alms-giving festival was celebrated from 26–27...
The Promise of Buddhist Economics
UC Berkeley economist Clair Brown argues for an economic system based on altruism, sustainability,...
Buddhist “Eco-monks” Work to Protect Thailand’s Environment
As Thailand’s economy develops and grows, maintaining the delicate ecological balance remains a...
South Korea Unveils Restored 1,300-year-old Buddhist Pagoda
South Korea on Wednesday unveiled the fruit of a nearly 20-year project to restore the country’s...
Thai boys rescued from cave ordain as Buddhist monks
After being trapped in a flooded cave for more than two weeks, the boys have ordained as monks in...
Giant Jade Buddha arrives home in Australia after 9-year world tour
The Buddha was carved from a massive high-quality jade boulder unearthed in Canada in 2000. After...
UNESCO bổ sung bảy ngôi chùa Phật giáo Hàn Quốc vào danh sách Di sản Thế giới
Buddhist nunnery brings meditation outdoors in Portland, Maine
“I wanted to bring the dharma to people through diverse venues, rather than ask them to find the...
Chiến tranh là đau khổ, hòa bình là yên vui
Seoul International Buddhist Exposition 2018
Từ ngày 29/03 đến 01/04/2018, Triển lãm Phật giáo Quốc tế Seoul (EXPO Phật giáo) 2018 được tổ chức...