The teacher, 80 years old, free birds on retire day with his students.
In the final days of the 12th grade, teachers and students of Luong The Vinh high school in Hanoi...
Mr.Cong Vinh"s Tritarna Rrefuge
In the morning of April, 20th, while his Becamex Binh Duong teammates were preparing to travel in...
Is Tran Tam a Buddhist Monk?
Question: My husband committed himself to Triratna. He has recently followed as Monk Tran Tam’s...
Whether can Falling in the Hell Enter Human Body or not?
Question: Recently, there is a story about a monk who fell to the Hell and entered a body of a...
An old farmer spent his 24 years’ time paving the rural roads for his co-villagers.
This is the 24th year that Mr. Pham The My, 65 years old - a citizen of Dien Nam Bac Commune, Dien...
Please don"t “bribe” Gods and Deities!
Visiting temples, pagodas in the New Year has become a beautiful Vietnamese culture. Every
Vip Exorcists And The Ignorant Belief Of Magnates In Superstition
VIP exorcist is a person who has fame, wealth and power, and who can use divine words to threaten...
Quang Le singer adopted Huyen Tran as his child.
Quang Le singer recently approved and decided to adopt Lê Thanh Huyên Tran as his child. Le Thanh...
A Fake Monk at Festival.
Recently, “A monk” was found out by people in Hau Giang, who went from Long My rural district to...
Mother Made Son Die by Superstition
Just because believing in the "Resurrection" invading in her son"s body, a mom in District 5 (HCMC)...
Vietnamese Antique Film Studio – Dream Is Coming True
Covered by the green immensity of Yen Tu’s sacred forests, gradually formed a Vietnam’s ancient...
Discussion about Star Offering Relieving Ones’ Run of Bad Luck
On some days of the beginning of Lunar New Year, many people come to pagodas or horoscopes to find...