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Young people Starting their own Business

Update: 20/08/2015
Being affected by the thought "It’s better being a king in blind world than becoming a loser in the clever", many young people who, when first come into the society, want to test their ability right away, thinking of being a boss.

Young people Starting their own Business

Actually, the thought that after graduation, young people want to begin their own business and have a desire of gaining big achievements is worth for compliment. It is just like the famous Dahebux, who began his business right when he was a student, invested in real estate and then become a famous businessman. Besides a good thinking brain that helps know to consider exactly each case, luckiness is also an important element helping him to become success, together with the chance’s coming up on time allowing him to do so. Hence, if the opportunity occured appropriately and if you have a right vision, earlier success will be good.

However, in order to get achievement in our career, we need to own a property source. Normally, there are 3 kinds of source: first is clever mind or our abilities, seconds is social relationships and the third is capital. For young people who have just stepped into society, they have neither social relationships nor capital, but all they have are mind and physical ability only which are hard to make young people become a superior.

 Therefore, to most young people, I think it is better if they start their careers by applying a job in a certain company in order to get and gather enough practical experience to become specialists on specific field, that being able to work individually will fulfill knowledge and the way how to do business. After preparing all, we think about begin our own business. Many owners used to be directors of some companies, and collected both experiences on their special areas and social relationships which were the basic, safe and practical elements for whom want to start their own business. 

Yet, in order to begin a business, these 3 sources don't have to appear at the same time. There are people don't have capital, yet they get brains of logic, certain social relationships and then they are able to start careers. There are even some one knowing nothing, but all they rely on is their brave of "if I think I can, I can" to begin own business.

Not every person has such of this fortune. In Buddhism, it emphasizes on one thing called ‘Cause and Effect’. Each one has particular difference of chance and receiving that are the result of one's previous lives which led to one's current life. For those who receive more blessings and helpers will be always ready for them in society. Some jobs may be difficult for others but for the lucky ones, everything will be alright when they take up that job. Yet, luckiness cannot be asked for but it can come naturally.

 For young people who have just get into society with enough capital while having no experience, if they are going to collaborate with their friends to start a business, it is assured that they have made everything clear about their friends' credit. You will only start your job when everything is considered carefully. If you still have something stuck, don’t be sad. It just because you haven't had enough luckiness.

  You would better keep calm, not to be worried. Worrying can do nothing with your trouble. All we need is get ready for hard affairs. Maybe your company will be in bankruptcy without receiving any money, beside an enormous amount of debts, and of course you are responsible for it. In this case, you have to think out how to pay the debts and start another business, grab the experience and look for suitable chance then hopefully, success will come back to you soon. After grabbing the experience and looking for suitable chance and depending on your blessings, success will come back to you

However, if all your investments came to failure, working hard but still not leading to success, you should forget to become an owner, let's try to be comfortable with a stable income career.

 Translated into English by Tang Gia Boi.

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