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Working Without Money

Update: 17/11/2015
What is the wholesome moral concept of occupation that moderners should possess?

Working Without Money


Some young people consider their career as a means making their living. For this reason, when extra work is available to increase income, some people wouldthink “We anyway have enough food to eat now, enough clothes to wear, we already have a house, we just eat and dress less than other people  and do not have a very comfortable life, we do not  also  hope that our life will be prospered, so let’s just rest”. Therefore, they do not want to be asked to work for more money, but they are quite happy when their work is lessened and they will not miss any chance to relax.


In addition, some people start working at very young age, after 20 to 25 years, when they are about  40 years old, they are retired. Later than receiving retirement pension, living retirement life, they husband their old-age strength. Because they already satisfy with themselves, they think that they earn enough money, their lives are good by now, not necessary to earn more! To them, job is merely a mean to make their living; if they cannot get rich, they cannot develop as well, so early retirement is good. This is not a wealthy opinion about profession.


To Buddhist followers, career is simply neither making a living, chasing fame, desiring compliment nor getting honour from other people, but career itself is right and responsibility to life, it also a meaning, intrinsic value of life. As long as we are alive, we workunless, humanity in this life is unlike human being anymore but only a caterpillar.


Each life has a special denotation which are effortful and devoted spirit to other people. I always support and encourage laypeople, if they already have a wealthy life, they should make a good use of their spare time to do charity and social welfare work. People who devote their strength and time for society will definitely get health and psychological well-being. Because they do charity not for demanding personal interest but simply for offering. Let’s think! People usually do good deeds, they frequently  receive advantages and assistance from all!


To people who are working at a specific position should also absorb this concept; whether there is a chance to prosper, increase or be adjusted salary or not. To have a wealthy heart to better serve this society, we should offer our vigor and thoroughness. Devotion is not relied on low or high salary to compare, salary is merely a remuneration that employers express their gratefulness to employee. The value of absolute career   could not base on income in a period of time to measure or count.

The purpose of working is offering and serving. If you are working in any fields with this spirit, you can absolutely feel safe to invest with all your effort, you will perform it well and joyfully!


Venerable Thanh Nghiem.

Translated into English by Nguyen Thi Tham.

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