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Wide Connection With Good Conditions

Update: 20/02/2016
We know that greed is a bad habit that is not good; but sometimes we fall on another extreme. It is stingy which means narrow-mindedness, regretfulness and miserliness.Some people think that is economization. In fact, stinginess and economization are two different things.

Wide Connection With Good Conditions


Stinginess is different from economization, the main purpose of saving is a right place. It is just as we have ten coins; because we want to give alms we carefully calculate the income and expenditure, so we save one coin. This is not stingy. Conversely, if our living condition only needs 5 coins for expenditure, but when we meet a person who has a shortage of food and clothes to beg from us at that time , we regret 5 coins left and dare not give alms to him. It is stingy.

Therefore, stinginess means we have a surplus wealth but do not practice charity to others and it is kept too much, the behavior of which is not useful to anybody. But it is not similar as greed, which means that we only want to take something from others and consider as ours; Therefore, stinginess is not harmful to others, it is a little better than greed in comparison. 

Although stinginess is not harmful to others, but there are many people who regret their wealth so they don't give alms, hence preventing their adult. As someone is very well educated, rich understanding, or very good at technique, but he does not want to transmit his knowledge to others, and also does not want to share his benefit to others. It is just like to bring with knowledge and wealth into coffin after death. It is useless, isn’t it? Moreover, there are many employees who try to work so hard in your company that you could get much profit, but in the end you reward them nothing. As a result, does this company continue developing and surviving?

Everybody will share and receive the proftt together depending on a benefit following the labour contributed. The more a person works, the best he/she receive; or vice versa.

There is a boss who invests all his capital, and brings all his knowledge and mind power to do business. It is a normal that because he invests all, he collects well. For a normal employee, at least he must strive all his effort into work, even he could complete his work before the deadline. Because of justice, a fair division of benefit should be done. If a boss only want to exploit and share fewer benefits to his employees, little by little he will lose his employees.This suffering losses happens by stinginess.

There is someone who has no assets at all, but he is very generous and brings all his money and things to share with others. For his generosity, many of them believe and support him. We can say that is a talent leader. But a stingy person who does not want to bring his money and things to share with anybody has no good relationship to everyone, which he doesn't receive the support and love from others.

A real generous person is different with a type of person "who pretends to be a generous person". Generosity means having no or very little money, but bringing all to help others. There is somebody who has nothing, but applies many ways in order to take things from a richer, such as buying something without paying rightway, borrowing, stealing, etc,...then giving these things to a poor person; it also means others’ wealth being our blessing. That is "pretending to be a generous person".

Someone who has no wide conditions connecting with many people in this life will become a foolish person in the next life.If we have money and things and share it with others, the blessedness and wisdom will be increased to us in the next life.


The Most venerable Thanh Nghiem.

Translated into English by Ms. Giac Ngoc.

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