Why are we angry?

Update: 24/05/2017
Ones who do not have compassion toward others are angers. When our compassion has always been growing, our hatred could decrease, even it will disappear.

Why are we angry?


Buddha Dharma taught: ‘greed, hatred and ignorance' are three kinds of poisons, three basic ones of human 's sufferings. In fact, each of us can not avoid hatred, but some can be unexpressed andhidden their hatred.

 However, there are ones who usually show hatred in their words and actions; unintentionally, their expression makes injury to others and themselves. Therefore, people say the “hatred” being the same “fire”. It is called as “fire” because it made us lose our calmness.

 Anger will not appear when we can control our hatred; however, preserving of our calm mind is not simple. Our anger begins as we are not satisfied with our external situations or others who do not accept to follow our thoughts; therefore, we will have conflicts, and then, our hatred mind will present.

 In fact, the others do not obstruct our work, but we consider them shockingly and unknowabley, then, we feel angry. Therefore, because of external situations, we are sometimes supposed to beright, but it is not objective. Occasionanly, an outside thing makes effect, not by the ones making us anger; however, in spite of our internal furexists, others are unable to know.

While sufferings do not come from outside, they are sometimes at internal mind like the oneswho are self angry, talentless, unbless, unintelligent, undiligent, etc. In spite of self hatred,unharmful to anyone, hatred mind is not good. Particularly, as self hatred is extremely, they will begins maltreating themselves and the most seriously by killing themselves. Because they feel to hate to themselves, self think bad at them, they feel their living useless, and should be killed themselves.

 Therefore, there is huge disaster to people who have hatred mind, which need to dispel  their hatred ones early. There are two ways:

1. Concept needs converting:
We must clearly analyze the reasons of hatred. Next, what consequence will be last affected in case of anger? After our right thought consciously intepretes following viewpoint, whether you will recognize that you hate anyones or yourself, it is useless. You should change yourself. First, you practice improving your situation. This causes to realize the harm of hatred or face the spirit’s problem. The more anger you get, the more you gain.
2. The method of practice:
After we analize, explain by all ways but it does not abandon our hatred mind, the best methods are to worship Buddha, recite Buddha’ name, chant sutra, set meditation, etc. These ones that can release the hatred, help people understand right by the cultivation will reduces their karma. However, if we face obstacles without getting the minds of shame or repentance, it is difficult todecrease our karmas.
In fact, although cultivating any methods; we must practice our mercy heart. We not only get it to all beings, but also behave ourselves as well. Getting compassion for us, we have to gain wisdom to solve our work.
You should not follow your feelings in any situation because it is easy to be angy and moved. Let behave compassion to people due to they are right or wrong. We should sympathy with them, the same as hoping others forgiving for our mistakes. When we ourselves take examples and put in their situation, our hatred will decrease.

Venerable Master Sheng Yen.

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