Who is dominating the world?

Update: 11/09/2021

Who is dominating the world?


My heart constricted, feeling heart-broken for those who stayed and those who left…

Dang Hoa Nam, Director of the Children's Department, Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs provided an online conference on child protection and care during the Covid- 19 pandemic this morning of Sep. 8th.

Most of the infections are in the southern provinces. Ho Chi Minh City has the highest number of infected about 3,000 children; nearly 250 are orphans, one parent, or both parents. The epidemic has penetrated into 7 of 39 non-public child care facilities in the city. In Hanoi, 5% of cases in July were children aged 0-5.

"The worrying thing is that many children fall into the situation of losing loved ones, easily leading to psychological trauma," said Mr. Nam.

Deputy Minister of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs Nguyen Thi Ha suggested localities arrange caregivers for children who are F0, F1; children have to live alone because their parents or relatives have been infected or have to go to isolation areas.”(https://m.giacngo.vn)

The Secretary-General of the United Nations gave a speech "The Covid-19 pandemic is a wake-up call and humanity is asleep." (https://m.baomoi.com)

All we are resting on “remarkable” achievements in every way. However, we took away and created a lot of inadequacies that have extremely catastrophic consequences for the planet and humanity: environmental pollution, war, extreme nationalism. All just to serve personal interests and consolidate power for a certain group.

The Buddha taught that "selfless love" is the best solution to overcome the consequences and prevent damage to the planet, or the deformation of human biological structures.

When the pandemic passes, the immediate and long-term consequences will be huge. Thereby raising the question "so who is dominating this planet?" Is it human? No.

Humanity is straining, exhausting its intelligence and strength to control the "invisible killer", so will there be any bigger enemies than that?

The answer depends on human consciousness and responsibility for what is happening.

The Patriarchs taught that "whatever you do, you should think of its consequences". It must be so. Otherwise, humanity will be destroyed and the fruits of the past millennia won't be of any help when the planet is angry.

The price to pay is really too high.

 So be careful! 


Vo Tri - Tam Hoa.

 Translated into English by Lien My

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