Whether can Falling in the Hell Enter Human Body or not?

Update: 01/04/2015
Question: Recently, there is a story about a monk who fell to the Hell and entered a body of a female Buddhist. I want to ask whether monks can fall in the Hell or not and falling in the Hell can enter human body or not?

Whether can Falling in the Hell Enter Human Body or not?


Answer:  For the law of world, particularly in Vietnam,\r\noffenders, irrespective of any race, religion and position are punished\r\nequally. For a simple case, it can be punished with money and for a serious\r\ncase, it can be imprisoned, or even sentenced death.

For the law of causality, it does not distinguish between\r\nmonks or ordinary people, leaving home or staying at home. When people commit\r\ncrimes, they will receive same retribution. For a simple case, they will punish\r\nto be animals: for a serious case, they will be turned out hungry spirits and\r\nat last fall in the Hell.

When being fallen in the hell, they cannot return in the\r\nworld and enter living people, because:

1. Hell is the place where people are imprisoned, executed\r\nand suffered. How they can escape that retribution and return in the world. It\r\nis like prisoners who are not free to go home!

2. In case the monk had been allowed to return in the world,\r\nwhy didn’t he enter his relatives’ body or a male body? Why does he need to\r\nenter a female body?


 From the above reasons, we can confirm that the story\r\nabout the monk who had fallen to the Hell returned and entered a female body is\r\ncompletely fake. When believing in something, Buddhists need to think\r\nthoroughly. Do not listen and publicize such superstitious stories.


Translated into English by Cao Thanh Tuyen.

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