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What will We Attain in Dharma Practice?

Update: 14/05/2015
Question: Why it is said that the family will be in harmony if practising the Buddha Dharma?

What will We Attain in Dharma Practice?

Answer: For a Buddhist, a harmonious family and dutiful children is the boundless happiness. Nowadays, religious and ethiccal background is depraved seriously. Children are disrespectful to their parents, grandparents and their relatives. Brothers do not respect to each other. Kindred are unreliable and they do each other’s harm, which, as a result,  lead many families to miserable lives. We are Buddhists, we must learn ethics, benevolence and righteousness from our the ancestors; conform to them as the foundation and the guidelines to live. Our good life is an example for the descendants to follow. Buddhists are ethical, benevolent and honest people.


In real life, there is also an example of cultivating Buddha Dharma very movingly from a couple who had worked very hard to nourish their young and innocent children. They knew how to guide their children to learn Buddha Dharma, do alms-deed. That is the reason why, they then enjoy the reward of blessedness, happiness, a comfortable life and they love to each other.


Thus, a tendency to the good life, studying and practicing Buddha Dharma and doing good things, can gradually change the relatives’ mind, and help them rising their noble mind. When they see their grandparents and parents eating vegetarian meals and chanting the sutra and reciting the Buddha's name, they will think out and diminish bad habits which bring ill fame to their family they had done.

 Each of us must stop our erroneous acts. If we cannot stop them completely, we can stop them step by step, then turn to the good things. In the past, we often said and did the bad things, but now, after we understand the Dharma, we must repent our words and acts to serve the Buddha Dharma, devote to human beings and do the valuable, meaningful things. We must not be bored, dispirited, dislike the life or injure ourselves. In contrast, we must strongly improve our body and mind, set up a meaningful life, bring the blessing and joy to many people, and change the direction of all dull-witted things in the past to mercifulness and wisdom. Those are the heroes in Buddhism.


 Once upon a time, there was an eminent monk who specialized in studying Hinayana Buddhism. He wrote 500 treatises to praise the Hinayana Buddhism dogmas and disparage the widely Mahayana Buddhism  dogmas. Later on, after being taught by the master, he widely understood Mahayana Buddhism. He felt regretful, and wanted to cut his tongue but his elder brother who understood the dogmas advised him to use his tongue to praise Mahayana Buddhism , propagate the Buddha’s Dharma, and bring the blessing and joy to human beings. He suddenly realized the truth and he use his tongue to teach Mahayana Buddhism to help Indian Buddhism grow brightly in almost a thousand years.

 The mercifulness of Buddhism gives each member in a family a clear point of view and the love to everybody. Each of members in a family must comprehend and sympathize with each other. To build a trust for each member in a family, firstly, you must know the perception as well as the aspiration of your husband and wife, descendants, brothers, sisters and people around. We must learn the way to know deeply the internal mind of each people then we know what they need and what they want. We just only help them once we know and deeply understand what they are needing or what they are suffering, not only physical but also the heartfeltness and the care to each other with the true love.

 People think that they can solve all problems with money, but that is not right. Money is the needs of life, but it cannot determine all things. Sometimes, much money may cause us more painfulness. Recognizing that, we can do everything! That is the great hero, great power, great mercifulness from Buddhism.


 Each of us must be dutiful to our parents, grandparents and has the love with people around to become a good example for children to follow. We must teach our children to have filial piety to their parents but if we do the opposite to our grandparents, then, as a result, they will not follow what we taught. Buddhists must apply what we have learnt Buddha Dharma in life to make the life better day by day. Each one must not only cultivate for themselve but also spread the mercifulness and the equality to each member in the family. We not only say but also do it at heart of each member in family. That is the essential and venerates to respect the Three Refuges in each family.


Translated into English by Nguyen Phuong Trinh.

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