Welcoming Goat Year Spring at Dong Cao Pagoda, Thanh Hoa Province

Update: 28/02/2015
Mixing the air welcoming Tet everywhere, Dong Cao pagoda’s Buddhists, Yen Khoai hamlet, Nga Yen village, Nga Son rural district, Thanh Hoa province and monks of Hoang Phap pagoda, Ho Chi Minh city together made models welcoming Goat Year so that people came to enjoy traditional Tet.

Welcoming Goat Year Spring at Dong Cao Pagoda, Thanh Hoa Province


 In the sacred moment of New Year’s Eve, Junior Ven.\r\nThich Tam Hung, the abbot of Dong Cao pagoda and the Buddhists began the ritual\r\nof offering incense to worship the Buddha, praying for peaceful country, joyful\r\nhuman beings.  The Junior Ven. sent to Buddhists red lucky envelops and\r\nDVDs “Saving Beings”.

February 25th, 2015 (January 7th Goat Year), the\r\nmandala at Dong Cao pagoda organized New Year’s peacefulness- praying seeking\r\nceremony with the witness of Junior Ven. Thich Tam Hieu,  the abbot of Can\r\nMon pagoda- Nghe An province, Junior Ven. Thich Tam Nguyen, Junior Ven. Thich\r\nTam Trong, Venerable Thich Tam Luc and Hoang Phap HCMC’s monks.

 At 7pm was Amoha candle burning ceremony attended by\r\nnear and far Buddhists.  After a practice of incense offering to worship\r\nthe Buddha, the program continued with the ritual of transferring shiny candles\r\nto all. They were lit from the Buddha altar by Junior Ven. Thich Tam Hung and\r\ntransferred to the Buddhists. The candles brought brightness of affection,\r\nknowledge, belief, hope, deliverance. This light continued transferring to one\r\nanother as reminding that the candles would bring highly value of virtue and\r\nalways continue existence for more happy life. After that, the Junior Ven.\r\nspreached the vow statements and the candles were being floated on Hung Long\r\nriver.

 Below are pictures:

 Preparing Affair Welcoming New Year’s Eve


 Peacefulness-Seeking Ritual




Bestowal Food 


Ceremony\r\nof  Lighting Amoha Candles 


Translated into English by Bui Thi Bich Huyen.

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